Specially skis and snowboards for snowkiting ("CustomSkis" from Russia)

Snowkiting - wszystko związane z tą zimową odmianą kitesurfingu.
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I make custom skis and snowboards specially for snowkiting races.
Length 215cm, Radius 150m, 100/94/100mm, hardness like DownHill skis, weight 2.3kg of one ski (4.6kg pair).
The geometry of kite skis is designed for racing, going on straight line with maximum speed, has the optimum hardness, providing a uniform diagram of the distribution of pressure on the edge, which ultimately makes it possible to avoid lateral slippage even on "bottled" ice. Skis for snowkiting CustomSkis do not break, perfectly keep the course, they can easily go against the wind, they are stable, they give an advantage in races before "downhill" skis and go on an equal footing with "speedski" skis, with less weight and length.

The edge in the beginning has the shape of the nose of the ship, this shape is better kept on hard ice.

I have been making skis for 5 years and have gained a lot of experience in making high quality kite skis. Athletes on my skis took up a lot of prizes at various competitions in Russia. You could see these skis on WISSA, TOKE, Ragnarock, etc.

Cost is 700EUR
Shippig to EU about 100EUR, 150$ to US (from Russia)

You can find more interesting information at my site customskis.ru/english
And many photos at my facebook page facebook.com/customskis.ru/

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